Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ad Altare Dei

My last post on this pilgrimage at least on this iPad.  "Ad Altare Dei"  All I want to do is fearfully approach the altar of the Cathedral of Santiago de Campostella and give thanks. At dinner of "tapas" and great Spanish wine I was struck on how powerful this week was. Was not a religious experience, but an experience of the soul.  The soul that tells the truth, that causes one to know one's own limitation, the souls that says "laugh out loud" on occasion. We met a French Canadien couple tonight that live half the year in Tucson AZ, a lone pilgrim from Slovakia with connections in Bozeman, MT, all taking time to experience a journey. Their caminos. For me, I needed to experience my history. A history of blood spilled for faith whether justly or unjustly; kings and queens, El Cid, and Don Quixote...but everywhere at least for me, the Catholic Faith open for all to see. Dear friends, we have always been a church of saints and sinners. Of reformers and inquisitors, of pious old and irreverent youth. Hopefully my Camino will allow me to be a bit more grateful for them all. It has truly been a "buen camino"  Gonna drink the rest of this wine mass in the morning...good night.


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