Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Co-Mission

Leaving for Spain today.  In a few days I, along with two friends will begin a small but important pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella.  For me is is a pilgrimage of faith.  Recognizing the millions who have made this trek before me.  Why?  For the Christian a sense of mission is instilled into us at baptism.  We want to show Christ in our kindness, friendliness, and when needed, our assistance to others who may be in need.  Not to wait for a big moment, but in daily and most insignificant ways.

We may not be walking, but I know there will be countless opportunities to live the great sending from the Holy Mass, "go and announce the Gospel of the Lord."   For me I hope to take small steps, steps that are even more difficult at times.  To show a smile more often; to allow another to pass first, even when I have the right of way; to even look every person in the eye so to see the God-life that dwells therein. This is where I will begin. And if I get a flat tire, or my feet get wet, I pray that I will have the joy of Christ in my heart to laugh it off, and to move on.  After all, I am not alone, but am co-missioned.  With my friends there is always Christ who pedals along with us.  Buen Camino!


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