Sunday, September 29, 2013

I see this in you! An older post...

In the 70's Rock Opera "Tommy", written and performed by The Who, one of the final songs was titled "See Me, Feel Me". The opening lyrics were  "See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me".  Might seem a bit simple or even juvenile but isn't this the call that any God-loving Christian is called to respond to? I find that at then end of the parable of the "dishonest steward", Jesus is challenging his follower to be as vigilant as the dishonest steward but utilizing integrity and kindness to minister to those who call out.

This is another one of those parables that at first look seems to have Jesus commending a dishonest person.  What he is commending is the creativity, in that the dishonest steward was able to make amends to his employer and still allow those in debt a little room to possibly get out of their debt.  Jesus then uses the comparison that if only his followers, the children of light would be as ambitious but through integrity and honesty, they would be the disciples that he is trying to form.  Obviously the dishonest steward did posses some gifts that had the potential of being used for the good.

All of us are given gifts in which to proclaim Christ in our Midst.  Many times we only need to discern them via invitation or through prayer.  How often do we see something good in a person and invite them to utilize that gift to build up the kingdom?  Sometimes we see the gifts in others and are either jealous are envois of them, without acknowledging our own God-given gifts.  Sometimes we think we have certain gifts but through a process of discernment find that it was just wishful thinking?  Regardless of our gifts, we are called to use them humbly to serve Christ, especially Christ dwelling in the poor, sick, scared, marginalized.  As our Eucharistic Prayer says of us “giving thanks that you have held us worthy to be in your presence and minister to you.”  Through our many gifts we first and foremost utilize them to minister to Christ. 

If we could be as vigilant as was the dishonest steward, using integrity and love of the other,  think about how much good we can do!  


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