Saturday, April 20, 2013

"No one can take them out of my hand"

In preparing for this weekend's liturgies I am struck by the gospel and what transpiried this week in Boston.  I also say that this tragedy plays itslef out every minute around this earth; the evil that takes life!  I may focus on the events of this past week in Boston, but the heartbreak and sorrow is felt equally in every occasion regardless of place or person.

Jesus reminds us that he and God the Father are one.  Jesus as God-In-The-Flesh then also holds close every one who beleives in him. And for those who share in the divine life through baptism must do no less.  We must hold close all God's children in our own human hands.

Pope Francis sais this past week that "God is a real, concrete person, not some intangible essence or esoteric mist like "god-spray." God was present in the first responders in Boston but that is not enough.  God must be present in us all, so that not one of God's most precious creation, human life will be taken out of God's hand.


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