Monday, February 25, 2013

Take a look around us.....

Peter did not get it at first.  Wanted to make some party tents for Jesus and his guests.  Was not wanting to see the bigger picture, the part about the journey to Jerusalem and that stuff....

However we are sometime even more than not getting it; we choose to see only what we want to see a refuse to look at the large picture. In particular how our sins affect the lives of others. Here in Montana we recently voted for a silly anti-immigration law, one that will cause great harm to our brothers and sisters, especially the children.  Just like the laws that allow abortion for whatever reason, we have been led to believe that our own narrow view of life, selfish at times, has no consequence on others.  Not so.  If we take the invitation of the Lord to climb the mountain we will then see how we are all connected and a part of God's divine plan; ALL OF US!  And in the process we will even travel to Jerusalem to perhaps sacrifice our egos, fears, and sinful pride.  If we recognize how our decisions truly affect the lives of others, we might take a step back and re-evaluate our decisions.  

Let's all commit to climbing God's mountain this Lent; it may even transfigure our hearts.  


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