Thursday, December 27, 2012

Living the Incarnation

Give me a break....seems like every year beginning with the first day of November until the 26th December we start to hear about this "war on Christmas".....   The same voices each year try to convince us that somehow the reality of Jesus' incarnation is relegated to about three months.  Silly we who believe such nonsense.  Actually Christmas, or what I rather call the Feast of the Incarnation of God-in the Flesh (little wordy?), and its meaning is for us a 24/7 mission.  Why only honor Christ for three months? How about all year?  Those nay-sayers seem rather arrogant to somehow imply that everyone is out to get us "Christians"  BTW, if there was ever a time when war clouds were appearing it was the time of Jesus' birth.  remember the attempted genocide against the baby boys led by Herod?  Or how about the occupation of Palestine...this time by the Romans?  Or the Gentile spies out to make Jewish life as difficult so perhaps it would even cease to exist?  Now that is a real war friends.

Jesus answer to the times he lived in was to respond with humility. His birth as are all births, is humility par excellence. Totally dependent. Later he would depend on God the Father and taught us to do the same.  His humility is how we are to live the spirit of the incarnation that has been shared with us in baptism.  So if we ever have acted in accordance to his word, standing with the oppressed and vulnerable, caring for the sorrowing, loving another as we have been taught, then we have lived the fruits of this holy season.  Lets not fall for any trap by limiting Christmas message to a few months.  To those who would say there is a "war of Christmas", I say "HUMBUG"  Christ is Born, Glorify Him!


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