Saturday, July 14, 2012

In the sick he saw the person of Christ*...

St. Camillus is a constant reminder of why we need comprehensive health care for ALL persons in this country. "He was known to see in all peoples who were sick, other "Christs". The mere sight of the sick was enough to melt and soften his heart."* Because for anyone who dares to call themselves a "Christian", it is the right thing to do.  We continue to skirt the issue by politicizing the truth that we don't have the best health-care system if millions cannot participate.  If we don't like what has been proposed and passed, lets get busy with some good alternatives; not to continue the status quo hidden in a new name, but a real life-giving plan that will make our nation shine as a light in the world.  Others will know us by our deeds.  St. Camillus, pray for our conversion so to see Christ in our sick, and to truly become who we claim to be.

*from the Life os St. Camillus, by his companion/


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