Monday, February 27, 2012

Whose Christianity is it anyway?

I am more and more frustrated with the religious rhetoric in our political discourse this year. Coupled with a seemingly American distaste for all things Muslim ( I do struggle with this I admit) as being a radical theocratic religion bent on taking over the world, I wonder about our own American "Christianity". More and more of the "candidates" are expressing an almost pleasure in praying for a return to a kind of "Christian Nation"....let's remember though that those who came here first, escaping the British Church were no friends of the Catholic Church. Their vision of Christianity is almost the opposite of the original Church that Jesus founded 2K ago. A community built on common love for the other, solidarity, and a genuine love and care of the less Lenten! These want to be Christian leaders can't even live the caritas that the season of Lent demands. Not surprising..for they seem to only use the name Christian but have not idea who Jesus is... just saying. Rather than caring for the poor, they only seem to want to profit from all who struggle daily to make ends meet. Their coffers continue to grow while more people are without the basic human need of caritas. Cleanse our hearts Lord from all the things that keep us from you.


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