Sunday, October 6, 2013

Take and Eat, Take and Drink...

First day and it was great. Sat nights are pretty lively in a university's city, Salamanca included. Up early for an 8am mass.  Could not find the place as it is in a Carmelite convent with no noticeable marked doors.  For this familiar with Europe know that streets are just marked.....differently. Not wanting to wait for a 9 or 10 we got down to basics, mass on demand with a priest.  We celebrated in my room.

After some goodbyes with Oscar our desk clerk, we took a pic and off to Zamora. Now, this supposedly 50km ride ended up 62km. That is 39.1 miles. And this is just the first day.  I am saddle-sore, bugs up in my nose and eyes, and parts of my body are very numb! Found my stone and will carry it as cross along with my petty pains. In my Zamora hotel room, prior to Sunday Vespers at the Catedral, I am reminded of the power of the Eucharist and how it can change an attitude. Will add pics later and on FrVal Zdilla FB page. Buen Camino!


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