Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bearing with one another...

Well, for those who wanted to get a daily map of our progress emailed to them; bear with ME on this one. Seems that in not wanting to bring along my laptop and the iPad instead, totally forgot the iPad does not have a USB port... So, to download the tracking from the ride I need to upload it to the "GARMIN connect" website, then you all can get an email sent and view the progress.  Neither of my companions wanted to bring the laptop for the same reason. Too much weight and risk damage from weather.  So it might be a one time send as I will need to find a computer to use at one of our stops that has internet and a USB port. I am positive we will find one. After all trusting in God is a part of this trip; a BIG part, at least for me. You can follow us with some pics and an occasional video on my FB page...FrVal Zdilla

Still gonna try some things but this is also an old first generation iPad too.  Mass in the morning, a hearty breakfast, and we are off to Zamora,Spain. Buen Camino! Bear with me.


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