Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Set out for the great city!

Spain. Home of St. Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross.  Fire of Divine Love and Dark Night of the Soul. Had a little of both in the last two days. First day from Salamanca was a gift. An easy ride. Yesterday is another story. Thinking that is was more direct,new chose an untried route that became my "dark night". Perhaps needed to show me humility and see what I wanted to see....the face of Christ in every person along the way. Mountains up, and low valleys at least 10 times. Stung by a wasp that flew into my face as I was going 35km down a hill, over hydrating and only eating a most delicious bread baked by Maria in an unknown village, the body was telling me that all was not well. Needed to depart from the group and find respite in the local village of Pobladura de Aliste. Had a beer and a pastel in the bar and got to know the locals. Feeling a little better I contracted with a local cabbie for a ride with bike to Pueblo De Sanabria....80km away. Over the mountains and through the Forrest at near dusk he bright me to this place, a lovely hotel in Sanabria.  The other guys made it an hour later full of stories of getting lost on a Forrest service road in the dark and by the grace of God finding their way to this town. So there is is.  I will take off by train to A Guadino with my bike and meet up with them today to continue our ride. Offered mass today for my friends and those asking for God's grace and their special intentions. An honor to be a priest. Mom, I am OK so don't worry. :)

Scripture today reminds us to "set off for a great city, and to allow to rest in the Lord (Martha and Mary) Gonna do both.  Buen Camino! 


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