Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Baby its Cold Outside"...Life without community? Nope.

Baptism....water, anointing, fire....  Of all the charisms given in baptism; new life and promise of eternal life, I find baptism the welcoming into a community of faith.  A community that nourishes through collective sacrifice, giving and receiving in all members.  None of us can do "faith" alone.  Jesus came to call us into communion with him and one another.  Baptismal grace connects us with all the baptised in our collective care and respect for all.  Our sacrifice is to work to keep all members in our embrace by protecting and caring for all.  I likened the community to the bright-burning embers in a fire.  When one ember or coal is removed it dies and grows cold quickly.  Many times a coal or ember will "jump" out of the fireplace and land outside.  It is alone and is removed from the heat and energy of the other coals.  It dies.  So with s.  Sometimes we are removed or decide to leave.  Sin is the source.  However we still are by nature a member of the community and must always welcome back those who are no longer with us.

Since Eucharist is Christ who is made present to us, his communion with us calls us to communion with others.  We are nourished so to nourish each other, to keep safe and in the warmth of His light all who find themselves out of the community.  Who is missing? Who has left?  Whom will we invite back into the warmth and light of Christ's community?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Who is in the dark?

OK, There are so many lofty homilies given on the Feast of the Epiphany.  I rather look to the streets (metaphorically speaking) with the adjoining alleys and dark corners. The one known as "light from light" in our creed invites us to "show forth" his light to those who still search for what his light represents.....  So who lives in the darkness in our families, university campuses, high school halls, middle school playgrounds, and work cubicles?  To whom will we manifest Christ's light given to us in baptism?  Many are still searching, lets show them where Christ dwells.